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Aim of the privacy policy is to provide information to a natural person – data subject, about the purpose, scope, protection and term of processing of personal data at the time of obtaining and processing of such data.

Personal Data Controller.
Personal data controller is the Central Finance and Contracting SIA «LORI RKF», registration No. 40003094934, address: 21 Kruzes str., Riga, LV 1046, Latvia, phone: +371 67602906, e-mail:

Contact information on issues related to personal data processing:

General Provisions

1. The present Privacy Policy provides a general description of how the SIA «LORI RKF» carries out personal data processing and protection.

2. Within scope of the applicable laws and regulations the SIA «LORI RKF» ensures confidentiality of the personal data and has implemented respective technical and organisational measures for protection of personal data from unauthorised access, unlawful processing or disclosure, accidental loss, altering or destruction.

3. The SIA «LORI RKF» may use services of data processors for processing of data. In that case the SIA «LORI RKF» carries out the necessary measures to ensure that such data processors carry out data processing in accordance with the SIA «LORI RKF» directions and the applicable laws and regulations, and requires implementation of appropriate safety measures.

4. The SIA «LORI RKF» Cookie Policy is available in the SIA «LORI RKF» website under section "Cookie Policy". 

Categories of Personal Data

5.    Personal data are collected from the data subjects sources. Categories of personal data collected and processed by SIA "LORI RKF" include:

5.1.   identification data – name, surname;
5.2.   contact information – address, phone number, e-mail address;
5.3.   professional data – position, place of work;

Aim and Legal Basis of the Personal Data Processing

6.The SIA «LORI RKF» carries out personal data processing:

6.1. in order to assess and confirm project applications;
6.2. in order to establish and maintain contractual liabilities;
6.3. in order to ensure document circulation in the SIA «LORI RKF»;
6.4. for maintenance and improvement of the SIA «LORI RKF» webpage;
6.5. for protection of interests of the SIA «LORI RKF» clients and/or SIA «LORI RKF» itself.

7. Legal basis of personal data processing:

7.1. conclusion and execution of agreements – in order to conclude an agreement upon application of a data subject and to ensure execution of it;
7.2. execution of laws and regulations – in order to execute obligations of the SIA «LORI RKF» stipulated in the laws and regulations;
7.3. upon consent of the data subject;
7.4. within legitimate interests – in order to implement legitimate interests of the SIA «LORI RKF» arising from liabilities or agreements concluded between the SIA «LORI RKF» and the data subject.

8. Legitimate interests of the SIA «LORI RKF»:

8.1. to ensure execution of contractual liabilities;
8.2. to save applications and submissions of clients and notes thereto, including those submitted verbally, by phone and in the webpage;
8.3. to carry out client survey about operation of the SIA «LORI RKF»;
8.4. to ensure and improve service quality;
8.5. to address law enforcement bodies for protection of its legitimate interests;

Personal Data Protection

9. The SIA «LORI RKF» carries out protection of personal data by modern technologies, considering the existing risks to privacy and reasonably available organisational, financial and technical resources of the SIA «LORI RKF», including the following safety measures and solutions:

9.1. intrusion protection and detection programs;
9.2. other measures of protection pursuant to the current technical development possibilities.

Geographic Territory of Personal Data Processing  

10. Personal data are processed in the European Union/ European Economic Area (EU/EEA).

11. Personal data are processed in 21 Kruzes str., Riga, LV 1046, Latvia.

Period of Storage

12. Personal data are processed for the period necessary for processing of such data. Storage period is based on the agreement with the client, legitimate interests of the SIA «LORI RKF», applicable laws and regulations or while the consent of the respective client to processing of personal data is valid and there is no other legal basis for processing of personal data. 

Rights of the Data Subject

13. To receive information about processing of their personal data by the SIA «LORI RKF» within scope stipulated in the laws and regulations.

14. In accordance with the laws and regulations to request the SIA «LORI RKF» to grant access to their personal data, to supplement, correct, erase or restrict processing of such data, to object against processing of their personal data carried out by the SIA «LORI RKF» on basis of the SIA «LORI RKF» legitimate interests, as well as to transfer their personal data and withdraw their consent to processing of personal data.

15. To submit complaint regarding processing of the personal data to the Data State Inspectorate (, if the client thinks that processing of personal data breaches his/her rights and interests stipulated in the laws and regulations.

The SIA «LORI RKF» is entitled to amend or supplement the present privacy Policy by publishing the current version in the SIA «LORI RKF» webpage under section "Privacy Policy". 

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